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What are microfibers?

This refers to plastic fibers that are microscopically fine - much finer than fibers of animal or plant origin. The finer these fibers are, the better they penetrate the pores of the surfaces to be cleaned and the greater the cleaning effect.

Are there any quality differences at all?

As with all product categories, the quality differences are also large for microfibers. The differences lie in the fineness and elasticity of the fibers, the cleaning effect, the durability. Our products are made of microfibers specially developed for the professional sector. Therein lies the difference from similar offers: We don't know of any fiber that is anywhere near as fine. This fineness is one reason why MEGA Clean Professional products are used by leading commercial cleaning companies.

Why get by with fewer chemical auxiliaries?

The fibers of ordinary cleaning cloths or inferior microfiber are so coarse that they do not reach the recess of the surface. To get the dirt out of this recess, you had to use chemical agents until now. With MEGA Clean Professional products, you need less detergent.

Through our products you achieve

  • a significantly higher productivity of your employees
  • a significantly longer product life compared to an inferior microfiber
  • significantly lower running costs compared to an inferior microfiber
  • a body-friendly work due to significantly higher quality microfiber

Normal fibers


MEGA Clean Microfibers pick up the dirt like a magnet